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Travel Air Business Class and Celebrate Fathers Day at Madrid

´╗┐Father's Day acknowledges the contribution of fathers to individual families and also provides children an opportunity to express their love and respect for their fathers. To strengthen this relationship, travel to Madrid, the city that organizes fairs for the world tourists to spend a quality time with family and friends. Madrid, the beautiful city might be lacking in architectural sites but is the only Spanish city that offers a wide spectrum of colors, fun, enthusiasm, rituals and gaiety to all the visitors who pay visit during the Father's Day celebrations. With plethora of festivals, the city is considered as the best holiday destination. Travel by business class airlines to Madrid and spend the most valuable time at the fairs that are organized by the city to entertain all its guests, especially fathers. The fairs and festivals add color and joy to theves of all the visitors who visit Madrid through different international airlines such as Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines and others. These airlines apart from offering direct flights to the city also offer discounts on business class flights and other air flights to Madrid. The city also offers the never ending joy to all its visitors who visit during the festive season. The Feast of St Joseph's also known as Father's Day is celebrated annually in the city on every 19th March. Several events and fairs are organized to make this day as the most special for all the loving fathers. Many airways offer special Father's Day discounts on air flights that include the business flights and other airne flights to Madrid. The special day that falls traditionally two days after the St. Patrick's Day, traces its roots to Italy, but is now counted as the eventful day in Madrid too. A plethora of national and local events are organized in the city that embraces the enthusiasm of the locals and the tourists. To popularize these events the travel industry especially airlines offer affordable flight deals to all the tourists. These discount airlines also offer gift vouchers on their business class air travel to Madrid. The city honors in very special way to all the fathers, who have givenfe, love, and affection to present generation. The hotels, restaurants and clubs offer traditional foods to the visiting guests. The vouchers that the airlines offer with the business class tickets and other air tickets could be availed at several popular restaurants. The only day to honor all the fathers for everything they do for their children is further made special by the hotel staff as they organize many games and program that are specially meant for the families on vacation. Father's Day is an occasion to express gratitude towards your father for all his love and support. Make this day the most memorable one for your father by visiting Madrid, the capital city of Spain. There are many travel companies that present plenty of airline prices on flights flying to Madrid but Fare Buzz, the leading travel company of America offers discounted or cheap business class tickets and other cheapest airline tickets to Madrid.

Vilnius The Capital of Lithuania

´╗┐Vilnius is the capital city of the Republic of Lithuania. This wonderful city is situated just 20 kilometers south of the geographical center of Europe, and its strategic location makes it a commercial and transportation hub in the region. Although it is widely considered an eastern European country, Vilnius is actually located in the central part of Europe. In fact, there is a nearby monument called the “Geographical Center of Europe” that you can visit by joining a sightseeing tour or driving a rented car. History of Vilnius The exact date of the founding of Vilnius is unknown, but the city was mentioned for the first time in 1323, in the letters of the Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania. By the year 1387, Vilnius was already governed by the Magdeburg Law, a set of town laws that was considered very modern at that time. The first university in the city, Vilnius University, was established by Steponas Batoras in 1579, and it is one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Europe. In 1610, a huge fire that was comparable in magnitude to the Great Fire of London broke out in Vilnius, causing damage to a large part of the city. Vilnius was occupied by Polish soldiers in 1920, and it remained a Polish city for 19 years. During World War II, the Russians took control of Lithuania and occupied it for several decades. Lithuania gained independence in 1990 after representatives from the intelligentsia group called Sajudis won the election to the Lithuanian legislature. Vilnius as a Travel Destination/strong Vilnius is one of the best cities to visit in central Europe. It has a rich cultural and historical heritage, fascinating attractions, and very friendly people, as well as all the necessary amenities to make your vacation a very pleasant experience. Here are some of the most popular places of interest in Vilnius: strongGediminas Castle/strong Completed in 1409, the Gediminas Castle is the symbol of the founding of Vilnius. According to legend, the Grand Duke Gediminas was hunting in the area around the castle, and he fell asleep and dreamed about an iron wolf. Unsure about the meaning of the dream, he consulted his oracle, and he was told that he should build a city at the site. Most parts of the castle are in ruins, and all that remains today is a tower. The tower houses archaeological findings from the surrounding areas. strongTV Tower Reaching to a height of 326 meters, the TV Tower is the highest manmade structure in Lithuania. It was constructed in 1974 and began operating in 1981. You will find a revolving café in the tower that offers a spectacular view of the city. The Three Crosses Memorial/strong The Three Crosses Memorial stands as a tribute to the courage and sacrifice of Lithuanians who fought against the Soviets. It was constructed in 1916, destroyed by the Soviets in 1950, and restored in 1989. strongAusra's Gates/strong The Ausra's Gates were initially a part of a defensive wall surrounding the city of Vilnius. Today, there are only 10 gates and a three-floor chapel left. While visiting this attraction, you will see a beautiful painting of the Mother of God, who is believed to possess healing powers. strongChurches/strong Vilnius is also known for its rich religious heritage, and it is home to many historically-significant churches. Some of the churches that you should visit include The Cathedral of Vilnius, Bernardine Church, St. Ann's Church, St. Peter and Paul's Church, and St. Kotryna's Church. There are altogether about 40 churches that are worth visiting in the city. strongMuseums If you want to learn more about the history and culture of Lithuanians, it is recommended that you include a few museums in your travel itinerary. Popular museums in Vilnius include the National Museum of Lithuania; Lithuanian Art Museum; Lithuanian Theater, Music, and Film Museum; Museum of Applied Art; Radvilos Palace; Museum of Genocide Victims; Europos Parkas Museum; and Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum. Parks If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of cityfe, you can go for a stroll in one of the many beautiful parks in Vilnius. There are a number of parks that are located right in the center of the city, and they are the Vingio Park, Kalnu Park, Sereikiskiu Park, Verkiai Regional Park, and the Botanical Garden of Vilnius University. Night Clubs and Bars/strong Similar to most other European cities, Vilnius also has a vibrant night scene. Whether you want to let loose on the dance floor or just have a few drinks with your friends, you will have no trouble finding a suitable place. Some of the top night spots in the city include the Havana Social Club, Prospekto Pub, Woo, Old Town Strip Club, and Men's Factory. strongGetting Around in Vilnius Getting around in Vilnius is very easy. There are several kinds of public transportation for you to choose from, and they include buses, trolley buses, subway, and taxis. Most of the local residents prefer to take buses or trolley buses, because these are the most cost-effective ways to travel. There are basically two kinds of buses, namely, municipal buses and private buses. The prices charged by both kinds of buses are almost the same. Tickets purchased at a newsstand or kiosk cost 2tas ($0.80) for adults and $1tas ($0.40) for children, and those that are bought on the bus cost 2.5tas for adults and 1.25tas for children. If you are planning to travel by buses or minibuses a lot, you can save some money by getting a Vilnius city card. Hotels/strong Vilnius has many different kinds of hotels, ranging from budget hotels to luxury hotels, and you can easily find one that suits your preferences and needs. Recommended hotels include the Barbacan Palace Hotel, Apia Hotel, Amicus Hotel, Naujasis Vilnius Hotel, and Vingriai. strongCar Rentals If you want to rent a car while you are in Vilnius, you can get excellent deals from Neo Rent, Autobanga, EuropCar, and Busikas.